Donna Worthington Retreat Leader

My online & in situ retreats are imaginatively, lovingly and prayerfully created so that Christians can explore and deepen their faith in a unique way. They are an invitation to be rejuvenated and affirmed in faith, to know Christ better and to open up sacred space in order to listen to the beautiful, wild, creative Holy Spirit and experience a living spirituality that consoles, challenges and inspires.


I offer you an ecumenical space so that all are welcome, whether you go to church or not. My retreats offer time to discover more deeply Christianity in all its vibrancy. I make use of a whole spectrum of approaches (such as diving deep into the Scriptures, theological/spiritual discussion, psychology, music, theatre pieces, art, images, silence, etc) so that we can together enjoy a fascinating and engaging approach to spirituality. As a trained storyteller, for me, story is a window into the imagination and wisdom; I communicate the gems of the Gospel often through this medium. A mosaic of prayer and meditation approaches are offered - participants on my retreats may well find themselves enjoying contemplative silence, Ignatian imaginative prayer, embodied prayer, stillness, dream-prayer, mindfulness, lectio divina… so that they can touch the gentle love of the divine.


I’m passionate about this faith, I so enjoy exploring it with others and have seen how transformative it has been in many, many people’s lives. Christianity is a rich, deep tradition, a compelling space in which to do inner soul work, face our own realities and develop as human beings. I love exploring its treasure chest with its many gifts: the profound gift of Scripture, the desert mothers & fathers, mystics such as John of the Cross, Celtic Christianity and so on and so on…

"I have attended many of Donna's retreat days. I have found them a source of inspiration and thoughtful contemplation. Her gentle guidance and creative awareness lead you into a personal and deeper relationship with God. Time is given to reflect, pause and open a spiritual space where we can meet God".

(Dee Diston, Retreatant)

Retreats are relaxed and often go deep so that there can be the possibility of healing, gaining wisdom and being touched by Christ’s beautiful spirit.

Whether it’s an in situ venue or your own home, both become sacred retreat spaces.

I also offer spiritual direction and retreats on the exquisite Holy Island Lindisfarne and the characterful Parcevall Hall. (It’s all on the website!)

You would be very welcome on my retreats and if you have any questions, just ask. You can learn more about my background and interests by clicking on ‘Retreat leader’:

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Best wishes,

Donna Worthington (Retreat Leader)

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