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What you can expect from the online retreats:

Online Christian Retreats via Zoom

Offering a space for Christians to explore and deepen faith…

Seek ‘life in all its fullness’…

CREATED & LED BY DONNA WORTHINGTON, all retreats are an invitation to be rejuvenated and affirmed in faith, to know Christ better and to open up sacred space in order to listen to the Holy Spirit and experience a living spirituality that consoles, challenges and inspires. Varied methods enable Christians to deepen their own discipleship and travel on in their faith journeys (presentation, theological discussion, stillness, prayer, creative sessions, images, music etc).

Courses and training are also offered so individuals and groups can explore Scripture, prayer and faith’s themes and feel equipped to become prayer leaders in their own communities.

"I have attended many of Donna's retreat days. I have found  them  a source of inspiration and thoughtful contemplation. Her gentle guidance and creative awareness leads you into a personal and deeper relationship with God. Time is given to reflect, pause and open a spiritual space where we can meet God".
(Dee Diston, Retreatant)

Zoom Retreats

In terms of the use of the technology, a key goal is to create a safe, relaxed atmosphere in which retreatants can feel at ease, for example, participants are asked to respect confidentiality and as the host, I will never use the host facility to record a retreat. You can join the retreat 10 minutes early if you wish and all you really need to know about zoom is to be able to click on the ‘unmute’ button, if you ever choose to speak. Often, all retreatants are all ‘muted’ so to avoid distracting background noise and on the whole chat messages are avoided in order to stop distractions and maintain a still, contemplative, peaceful atmosphere.

Break times are given and retreatants are encouraged to turn away from the screen during the prayer and quiet reflective times, so to avoid feeling tired through looking at a screen too much.

At any time, a retreatant may hide their self-view if they wish and there is no pressure on anyone to join in with discussions – a participant may simply choose to listen.

In the unusual event that the Internet goes down or something happens, I’ll just email you with another link, so we can restart the retreat. In the unlikely event that this doesn’t resolve things, I’ll just reschedule and you can attend or request your money back.

During online retreats, your home becomes the sacred space. Retreatants should feel at ease and not worry about background noise from their own home – it’s always lovely if a pet dog or cat makes an appearance! Retreatants should feel free to move about, make a cup of coffee… the aim is to feel relaxed and really enjoy the retreat.

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