Spiritual Accompaniment - Walking The Way...


I have accompanied many women and men on their faith-journeys from different denominational backgrounds, including on guided retreats and weeks of guided prayer. I really love this work and it's a privilege to meet people where they are at. I'll listen attentively and together we can try to discern the Spirit's beautiful call for your deeper freedom. I'm also Ignatian-trained and can offer accompaniment with The Spiritual Exercises, which can be given over 30 days or over an extended period, whatever suits you - for me, this particular journey can be so creative, compelling, challenging and a wonderful opportunity to dive deep in to Scripture and come to know and follow Christ in a more authentic way. Spiritual accompaniment is tailor-made for you, so you choose the regularity and we can discuss times / days that work for us both. I'll offer a mosaic of approaches that work for you, which we can discern together - encouraging praying in ways that are natural and life-giving to you.

Spiritual accompaniment sessions - £30 per hour. 

I am also trained in and offer supervision.

Please email or call me for any questions or enquiries you have:

drworthington@live.co.uk   M 07770719198

Treat yourself to a one-to-one 3 hour bespoke retreat

Our journeys of faith take many intriguing pathways; at times we need to engage with imaginative prayer, at other times we feel moved to more quiet, contemplative prayer... We may feel the Spirit drawing us to go deeper into Scripture or to one of the treasures of our beautiful Christian tradition such as the spirituality of John of The Cross, The Desert Mothers, Celtic Christianity etc etc. Through a 'faith conversation', we can together discern what you are really seeking for, and plan your retreat with timings, date and content that feels just right for you. Then all you have to do is leave the rest to me. I then go and create an online 3 hour, bespoke retreat just for you, offering a unique window to enjoy and nurture your own unique soul-journey.

One-to-one 3 hour bespoke retreats - £100 

Please email or call me and I look forward to beginning a 'faith conversation' with you... 

drworthington@live.co.uk   M 07770719198